Who are we

...small school with big values

History of All Saints' Preschool

In 1991 the preschool was licensed by the state of California and to date has a capacity of up to 91 children. Just as the population around the school has become increasingly diverse: racially, culturally, spiritually and religiously, so has the inside of our preschool. We are thankful for the opportunity to share our strengths of tolerance and love with the greater community.

Licence # 370805933

Christian Values
Even though we are a Christian school, our families come here for many reasons. They bring with them a variety of religious backgrounds and traditions. We welcome all who have the desire for their children to play and be taught early academics in a safe and diverse enviornment.

A Safe Harbor for Happy, Healthy Children
As we focus on your child's development, we offer a nurturing atmosphere, with freedom for each child to grow and be creative. Indoor and outdoor ules are designed with your child included as a partner in each decision. This leads to self-confidence, good decision-making and responsibility as they grow.

At All Saints', our teachers know each child enrolled. Our staff and child retention rate is high. This allows for relationships to build and children to feel secure and valued in their environment.

Our children are kind to one another, thoughtful, resourceful. Our small environment encourages and promotes positive behavior.